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ireNe (videos by ireNe) (pictures by ireNe)
Trading Card is done!
I'd like to do one for everyone, if it's okay.
Just send me your data and your fav pics to use.

Rollerskating Card suggestions/options/whatevers:
The back will contain stats and a personally written paragraph or two by each skater.
Small pic of your skates, helmet, whatnots and a small headshot.
-Name, Age, Birthplace/Birthday/Sign, Ht, Wt, City, Country
-Goofy/Regular, Parallel/Sidestance/Both
-Years Skating
-Equipment/Gear (1st setup/place skated and current setup and spots)
-Favorite Trick/Skater
-Bag of Tricks (list of tricks)
-Worst Injury
-Biggest Influence/Impact (why you skate)
-Other passions
-Contact Info
... and Anything else you might want add

Thx, Irene
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