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road trip
Thanx Jay,,I do quite often take a camera but more often forget to pull the dam thing out.I'm traveling with about 8 odd doods on a 22 seater bus and 2 of them are rad photogs so I'll see how we go.I'd decided not to go a few weeks back as I'm taking the family too Bali at Chrisy and with my oldest daughter starting high school next year we're running around like headless chooks at the mo but on sunday night at our MOSS xmas BBQ my bulk rad wife says "so are you going to Radelaide on the weekend",,2 seconds later I'd secured a seat on the bus and very fugn stoked.I've wanted to skate this puppy for a long time and have been told I need to skate it too by many.Nearly did 2 years back comming back from a family trip to Ularu,dragged my skates through the outback for 6000 k's to get to within 500 odd k's to have the family tell me we just want to get home.Spit.Then earlier this year I went there to buy a car but it was gona cost me double the airfair to take my skates and would have meant I'd be getting home at 3 or 4 in the morning to start work at 7 so...double spit..
Fingers crossed this time.Roll free fugn.

cheers joe

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