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bnwsk88 (pictures by bnwsk88)
more photos - SKATE-EIGHT MFG.
Here are some pictures of the plates broken down a bit. Right now the price may seem high because each pair is custom made @ $750.00. They are cut from a solid chunk of Delrin. The ones pictured are solid and have not been hollowed out at all, I have been riding them for 8 yrs and 6' body jars are not uncommon. These plates only show wear in the sliding area, no bending, no breaking. Future versions will have; taller sliders with a longer arc from one end of the slider to the other, extra material removed from the back side for weight reduction...under the sliders and toe area. As far as sizing goes I maximized the length of the plate on my size 10 boot, you can give me the length of your boot soul and they will fit end to end. I don't know about the weight yet but will try to find out as soon as possible. Thanks for the interest, Brian
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