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new vert skate plates
: : Hey I know everyone is looking for vert skate plates.
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: : I have spent the last month experimenting and fabricating new skate plates. I have been in contact with the higher ups at Tracker Trucks, the original distributors of vert skate plates, and they put me in touch with the original company that fabricated them, Dykema Woodworking.
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: : I spoke with the president Rob, really nice guy, he started to explain all the high tech stuff that was put into those plates – special evaporating epoxy – super strong aircraft aluminum and such. It seems it would just be far too costly for them to make a just few more, but I did get a lot of advice about trying to recreate that part.
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: : Due to my research and testing, we came up with a solid plate of 5-bar diamond plate aluminum 1/8 inch thick. We also created a thicker plate out of regular diamond plate at 3/16 inch for bigger guys. We found the diamond plate helps reduce lateral flexing.
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: : I am using a slider bar system that helps to reinforce the lateral strength of the plate. I use regular skateboard sliders and just cut then to size and drill holes. Then I put skateboard truck baseplate risers under the slider bars so that it become flush with the plate and adds strength.
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: : I also initially recreated Dykema’s original design on the computer and centered all the angles, and then matched it up exactly to the contour of the boot, something that was not done on the original. Now the center of the heal lines directly up with the center of the toe.
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: : Let me know if any of you might be interested in a pair. There is actually a lot of fabrication time that goes into these due to the small scale that we were working with. If there was a demand, we could possibly create on a larger scale.
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I have the friggin real ones .... the originals.....dbs
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