Vertical Rollerskating


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my 2 cents
Hey doods the material is 3mm (1/8"??) aluminum Chanel cut to the length of your boot, the base plates just fit in width wise perfectly so you position them where you feel suits best(heel and ball of foot for me) then you cut away what ever is gona foul the axis of the hanger.All very easily done with a drill and a jigsaw.I literally made these in my backyard on an upturned milk crate with the tools mentioned.
The price, weight, strength, ease of manufacture and how low the profile of these things is awesome. I did do a build thingy on here a few years ago but would take much trolling to find,, but troll away if you got the time cos there's much rad reading to be had. I read from the latest post back to the first ever post for hours with butterfly's raging in my guts the first time I found this forum.Do it..

cheers joe

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