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Trick names
Thanks :)
Yes you should visit Barcelona, Sagrada Familia is beautiful and it's a great city to skate!
Cool, yes nosegrind and unity is how I was naming those tricks too. About nš2 I started doing these last year. As I've never seen anyone doing them and the position of trucks and body doesn't really resemble any skateboard trick (an overcroked grind kind of...) my friends started to call it ragna grind. Not that I care but good to know there isn't any name for it nor that it wasn't common trick back then... Shifty grind is pretty cool name!

I am experimenting a lot lately with truck grind variations and as most of old school skating was vert I guess there is a lot to invent and "name" for roller street skating. Was anyone really pushing grinds on quads before, like rails and such?

BTW I saw a picture of you on those skates with wooded deck, that's super sick! how do you call these things? I am pretty sure I saw someone skating this in the 90's somewhere, could have been you maybe??

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