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Bernhard (videos by Bernhard) (pictures by Bernhard)
Lee, it's good to read your messages!

Instagram belongs to Facebook. I saw Facebook a bit indifferently about 10 years ago before I learned that they strive to track you anywhere, not only on their own sites. That's when I stopped using Facebook. It is none of their business to know which other web sites I read and for how long.

When I learned in 2016 how Facebook data is misused to influence the voting behavior, I saw that the situation is even much worse than I imagined (I recently read "Mind F*ck" by Christopher Wylie, dealing with those activities. Highly recommended!). What can I say? I do not believe that those sites are for the betterment of mankind! Therefore, I try to keep up some alternative vision of a free internet without a hidden agenda. It is likely that not may will find this stuff but I think it is worthwhile.
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