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new skates
: : : Here's the bits.
: : :
: : : cheers
: :
: : WOW! Did someone make that plate for you, weld it together? I LOVE your grind plates!! Do you bolt in all 4 holes of each truck into your boots or 2 of each? I guess I will cut a rectangle, line them up and push to the edges, drill holes but thats one nice grind set up! Good job!!! Thanks for sharing! :-D
: Thanx for the feedback,I cut them out of box section aluminium,like a tube only square.I used a cheap electric jigsaw and took my time(less than an hour).
: Mid trackers are a good option for you if your small,they are Brian Wainrights choice of truck so you cant argue with the performance. The grind kings are a bit wider but lighter and you can't use rollergirls grind plates on them unless you change the king pins which would be a bit silly as they are the best king pins in the business.
: I recon my plates are probably the easiest (and cheapest) to make as they are thin but strong because of there profile,also the base plate of your truck fits perfectly in to the chanel of the plate so they end up tracking perfectly straight and you can set your rails at any height,just cut the sides to the desired height.
: cheers joe

Yes I was looking at the minis and the midTackers. The trackers are only 1/3 inch wider, dont think I will notice and it might help with the 50-50s!

I didnt think about the kingpin size. Wont matter if I do what you did! I cant find sliders online anywhere, out of stock, maybe perminently it seems.

But for the aluminum, just a jigsaw? Didnt know that would work!! I have a jigsaw and control them well. And for the holes, did a regular drill work? I have no special metal tools. I will think about this now. Or thinking about piecing an inline grind plate, but yours is more stable, would last longer, and I can leave the metal if I want sparks lol. Or whats your plastic on them and where did you get that?

I wonder if the minis would take rollergirls bar? But I dont know where to get 5 ply wood either. In general, I like plastic over metal for outdoors. It doesnt really flex on me and it absorbs vibrations. But I noticed on my art plates, its easier to hold sidestance. And with the base long, I dont feel the vibrations as much.

Thanks for sharing. I would end up spending a ton of money figuring this out myself without input. I wonder how much heavier this set up will be though then my rollerskating set up. I heard that the skateboard trucks are heavy, but it might not matter that much I"m thinking.
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