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early shots
Thanx Robert,,I still love layback airs too but I do em rollaround style these days.Struggleing with consistency lately but having a ballstill.

cheers joe

: Joe, those were awesome. You and I were skating around the same time and at the same age and doing a lot of the same tricks. We were probably across the world from each other have similar skate sessions. I have not seen many rollerskaters do layback airs. That was one of my big moves. Thanks for sharing.
: : Thanx from top left to right is me, handplant,layback air,frontside air and miller flip..
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: : cheers joe
: :
: : : : 1982ish,14ish,Bens ramp.My brother, me and my best mate Ben built this(our 3rd vert ramp) in 81/82ish and sessioned the shit out of it.A bit hazey on most of the details from that era as the portrait might imply but I remember the sessions well.Hope it tickles some folks.
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: : : : cheers joe
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: : : Oh wow Joe, you are awesome! I really like the pic on the lower left. Not sure what move that is but its sweet! I'll call it frog jump, love it! :-D
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