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Bernhard (videos by Bernhard) (pictures by Bernhard)
: hi mate, we hope you made it home alright. im sure im spaeking for joe, rollerball, beanstalk and myself when i say we were glad to make your aquaintence and enjoyed our time together.

Indeed. It was some crazy shit to meet all of you at the other side of the world. Australia's roller skaters rule! It was also great to visit your place to get to know you a bit better and also that you dropped by at Tim's place so you could see about whom I've been talking (and also that he and Sonja could get an impression of whom I've been talking to him). Btw: Tim also skated a bit in the half pipe with his street roller skates in days gone by.

: i hope you found australia good

Australia is a very beautiful country (see pic shot at the Olgas) with very nice and helpful people and a state which still does something for it citizens. To observe that Australia has a lot of free public infrastructure is indeed bewildering for someone from Germany, where public infrastructure tends to get shut down, privatized put a fee to.
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