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Type-S Wheels
Yes the hub is something like a 75d and the tyre is 99a and both being urethane(unlike nearly all other hubbed wheels which use nylon hubs)there is no delamination.All cortech wheels are cold gravity poured to achive a one peice duel duro wheel rather than being laminated together with an adhesive which is always gona be prone to failure.I'm no expert on this ,I'm putting it out there as I understand it.Search the web for more info,Tim has a prety informative site.

cheers joe

: Perfectly corect Mr B,just like mine
: :
: : big core,little tyre..mmmmmmmmmm
: Looking at the photo:
: Is the tyre homogeneous and only the core harder or does the tyre consist of two layers in itself? I know there where wheels which had different layers of urethane ...
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