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: : Ludi goes both ways,
: :
: :
: : cheers joe
: Wow, thats pretty rad! That bowl looks scary to me. ;-D
: I've started dropping in on halfpipes that are taller then me now and steeper in angle. When I go vert, hows the drop in different? Just lean more forward?
: I've definately taken a liking to curved ramps. When I go down the flat ones, my body wants to move but the ramp doesnt move with it so I go down stiff. Not sure if thats right or not or just I'm used to moving with the curve now.

That sounds plenty rad,theres nothing like good tranny.If your dropping fairly steep tranny then vert is gonna be like a little free fall on top of that the first time you do it so you wony need to lean forward much more.Just work your way up through steeper ramps and vert will be a very easy progresion.
Keep smiling,keep rolling and keep us up to date.

cheers joe
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