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More slider talk
Hey Robert,

If you arent in a rush, I'll come up with more ideas in a couple weeks. Just tired now with work, extra studying and night classes. I'm only getting 4 hrs of sleep and I think I need more lol. So my brain is exhausted right now.

My sliders seem ideal for me. Next time I would like to take it down 1/4" more. The coping in the bowls is low. The lower the sliders makes it easier to clasp on.

: : Joe, you are one talented drawing machine. Your design gives me some ideas, but I really don't have the skills to put it together. I think that I may call in a few favors and see what I can have put together. My ex girlfriend married a metal fabricator so he might help me. Hmmm, I never met the dude, but who knows?
: Joe indeed did a good drawing job. And it's probably really a good idea to get help from people having the right tools and skills. As you can see from my how-tos, I called upon the help of quite a few people. Two people made the two versions of my base plates, one made my stopper holders, one helped with putting it all together and another one helped me get my slider holder right.
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