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h.ludi. (pictures by h.ludi.)
: Spain also supports (at least emotionally). i'm sure y

ou'll get a better job!!

im with joe, aus is the place to be. the worlds best kept secet.

ill give you an example, last night r o f session going rad, suddenly messed up 1 foot stall, land heavilly on left shoulder again , go home hurting bad.
today celebrate rorys 6th bday at rsk8 rink, by now in seious pain. go get x ray at clinic $35. referred to clayton hospital with left collar bone broken into 3 bits and displaced. got appointment with orthopedic surgeon monday 9 am regarding operation pin. get medical certifiate for 1 week off work, also got script for heavy duty pain killers . go to chemist get morphine + nurofen $29.
i used to get pissed alot but that m stuff is worse, but pain greatly reduced.
now, just got home from family meal at chinese restaurant because my mum is going in for op at another hospital.
i guess this weekend hasnt gotten off to a good start for me.
i will tell you , i am proud to be australian.
our family motto,
if theres a hard way, a ludorf will find it!
i sadly advised the sun morn crew i wouldnt get to ringa bowl but told them i would see them at the uni car park for slalom after lunch, tomorrow.

claudine, it looks like im now offically one of the rolling wounded.
i should finish painting inside the house next week while my boss finds out just how hard i work as he will have to cover for me.

o k im $64 out of pocket but ill get over it.

the message is quite smple, australia , the place to be.

my arm is fucking killing now , its m time again.

cheers, h .

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