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Irene's Visit... San Diego
I hope the pics/vids embed properly, sorry if it didn't work, but here goes...

I'll pick where Jay left off.

3 cities, 9 days, 6 parks, more skating than I do all year...hella fun!

Monday was raining on and off. This was the morning that President Bush got a pair of shoes thrown at him. Then, Karen tells me she's letting Chris stay home from school today. What a great start to the day! I guess I should set a better example about skipping school to play. Chris was upset at first (he's such a conscientious, responsible and thoughtful guy), but then realized he could make up the work. With all this rain, Lake Rennie formed and Chris and John McCain went bodyboarding together. It was so fun watching them. We three caught up on life, went for lunch at Al-Hamra (yummy Mango Lassi and Turkish coffee), watched home movies of Chris... he's so freakin' cute! Karen's dad stopped over to take Chris to his guitar lesson. Christopher Rennie is amazing, I can't believe it and he's only gonna get better at everything he already excels at. Wow...

Chris and John McCain

Jay inverts @ Fontana II

The next morning (Tues 12/16), I pack up the rental and bid farewell to LA. The Rennie's...what can I say, it's always hard to leave. The last leg of this trip ends in San Diego. It's a 2 hour drive in what turned out to be a beautiful day. Stopped at LoveBurger (Duke's recommendation) for a bite and arrived early afternoon. I was pleasantly surprised to find my skateboarder friend, Rich Lopez, skating Clairemont's vert ramp. Rich and Sanford Lopez are identical twins who both rip vert. They moved from New Jersey some 5+ years ago. It was good to skate with him again. This vert is bigger than anything I skate back home. It was fun, even tho' I was sore and tired by that time.
Later on, Rich and his girl came by Papo's (NYC skateboarder who moved to SD, 20+ years ago) to chill and reminisce. I unfortunately did not see much of Papo. He's working long hours, but always opens his home to me. I hope to see him and skate in NYC over the New Year's visit w/his Mom.

Mickey Mouse breakfast @ LoveBurgerLA to San Diego off I-5

Rich Lopez @ Clairemont

So, Karen was working a deal with the Sun Goddess and all was going well, until Weds. Boy, did it rain. And rain. And rain. So, I checked out Washington Park, a home-made cement park under the I-5 freeway, that is usually mostly dry, even in the rain. But this steady and heavy rain soaked the place pretty good. It was even locked up, not the norm. I drove around, like a good tourist and went for lunch at this fabulous seafood joint on the water. Anthony's Fish Grotto, if you're in the area, go there...kickass view. Later that evening, I drove north to Escondido to visit with Sanford, Priscilla and Elliot. I hadn't seen Elliot in years. I've watch him progress skateboarding vert since he was 13. He's now 20, touring Europe and skating Tony's, Bob's and the DC Warehouse. The rain kept me from Encinitas, where Sanford, Elliot and I would've skated. It was great to see them after so many years and know that everyone is doing well. They insisted that I stay with them for a few on my next trip that way. Well, Encinitas is still calling me...

Anthonys Fish Grotto, best in San Diego

San Diego peeps

Cali is filled with incredible skate facilities. Toooo many to cover. What kind of problem is that? I wish the eastcoast had similar woes. I dream of the day when everyone on this forum can gather together and spend time skating and hanging out. I hope to skate with all of you someday, it is a dream I wish to fulfill in my lifetime. I can't thank Jay and Dawn enough for their hospitality. I loved their doggies, Pandora and Pogo, and just being in Vegas is somewhat surreal. The Rennie family is truly blessed in so many ways...doesn't get any better. And to my former eastcoast buddies, part of my upbringing skate-wise... a long overdue reunion, my only regret was missing the opportunity to skate together again. All in all, this was a great trip. I got to see rain in California (what the f*ck?) and Christmas decorations when it's 60 degrees out. Weird. I like the spirit, but without the cold and snow...

Rainy squid, San Diego

Thanks to everyone who so kindly hosted me throughout my journey. Back home now...I'm pretty tired and really happy. It's snowing here in NYC and near freezing temperatures, but at least it's not raining.

There's more stuff from this trip:

Stay rolling everyone! Health, wealth, love and happiness to all in the New Year.
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