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Tri-trick for Ludi tri (delta?) skates...
: : : ... maybe Delta-skates would be more suitable in this case:
: : :
: : :
: :
: : That was AWESOME, Zorg! Thanks for posting. And Yes, the Aussies should build a mega ramp!!! I'd make the trip down to Skate it!!
: : Hope everyone's set for a great weekend! Be Sweet to your Sweeties!!! Tomorrow's Valentine's Day here in the US. Not sure if you all have V-Day elsewhere in the World. Here it means men buying things for their wives & wives being....appreciative for it! LOL!
: : PEACE........Jay
: I have a HOT date with my rollerskates tomorrow. ;-D I'm sooo in LOVE!

rad, my youngest son, rory has one of them skid/trikes.
he sometimes brings it when we go slalom/downhill.
im yet to see him backflip though.
its v/day here too, bought mumma a new gold watch lastnight now were poor till monday.
you guys have shamed me into action, we finished the tripods at 1.15 this morning and i took them on their
maiden voyage today at the r/sk8 rink, they went surprisingly well. tomorrow morn we are hitting franga bowls, ill see how they go there too.
one of the old guys at the rink said i should have pre booked the ambulance, fortunately it wasnt needed.

everyone in oz is hooking in and helping with the bushfire/flood relief efforts, its going well.
i must say that in times like this, its good to be an aussie.

biggest cheers to all, harry.

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