The Green Ramp Jam 1991 in Karlsruhe (Germany), Page 1

Photos by Bernhard Scheffold.

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The Green Ramp being cleaned.

The legendary inventor of the "Broich-Flip", Martin Broich, couldn't participate in the final. There was a highest air contest on the evening before the final. Both he and Diesy Knauder ranked first so that they had to compete against each other. Martin Broich gave more than his exhaustion would have allowed him. He slammed so hard that he was injured on his head.

The roller-skater group was quite big this year with 20 participants (there was also a Skateboarder contest). Apart from Martin Broich there was a second roller-skater who could not participate in the final because of injuries. René Hulgreen and Marcos Longares made it very hard for the judges to decide who should get the first place.

Final Results
1René HulgreenDenmark
2Marcos LongaresSpain
3Diesy KnauderGermany
4David HorvathCzechia
5Olaf HennigGermany
6Morten EngmarkDenmark
7Gerado CanizaresSpain
8Eduardo CortigoSpain

Skater: David Horvath Skater: Sascha Fei, Trick: One-Foot-Stall Skater: Martin Broich, Trick: Tweaked Air Skater: René Hulgreen, Trick: Brainless

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