This site provides information on Vertical Roller-Skating.

Plans about how to build a Vertical Roller-Skate and how to attach sliders to it.

A historic article about rollerskate conversion for vertical purposes.

Some pictures of Tim Altic's current setup.

Gambin's how to build sliders.

Alley Oop 4 (Constance 87 and much more), Alley oop 5 (Münster 1987), the Green Ramp Jam 1991, and the Green Ramp Jam 2002,
the epic Monsters of Roll 2004 in Woodward, a Gathering in Lyon 2007, and a Gathering in Barcelona in 2009.

Pictures from Brian Wainwright, Paul Jessep, Irene Ching, Daniel Knopf, Holger Sander, the Languth twins, Julio Memba, Perry Gruner and Joe 90.

Feel free to post to the Vert-Skating forum.

Roller skating resources.

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