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Tim Altic's Rollerskates

Here are some pictures of the setup Tim Altic uses. He has taken the pictures in November 2002. He has written an article on how to convert a pair of roller skates for vertical skating in 1977. Tobi Reif has done an interview with Tim Altic which also contains more pictures of these skates. Tim also operates the skate park building company Alltec Skate Parks.

Tim used for his skates:

He says: "I studied all the kids skates at this ramp in Leone, France and came back to America to build what I thought was the best combination of all the ideas that I saw. I did grind the pivot of the truck down to lower my center of gravity. They worked as/is without grinding but I wanted to lower the CG and it made the geometry of the trucks fit the plate perfectly. I grind about a 1/4" off of the length of the pivot, and reduced the diameter of the pivot to fit the hole and plastic cushion in the pivot hole so that I did not have to customize the plate at all. The slider plates are made with 2 layers of plastic so that the bolts are not damaged by sliding on a rail. As you can see the first layer is drilled and bolted through the center of the jump bar and the 2nd layer covers those bolts and is drilled - bolted out in front of the wheels and a rail or coping can not wear down those bolts. The 2nd layer can be replaced when worn out from sliding."

Tim's Skates: exploded view 1 Tim's Skates: detail view 1