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Silders Assembly for a Vertical Rollerskate

This is an expansion on the How-To for building a vertical roller skate. The old slider assembly has been coming apart and I had some ideas for improvement. I didn't go into the details of making my old sliders assembly since it was kind of crappy anyhow. Quite astonishing how long it held up nevertheless.





Prepare a wood block which is attached permanently to your base plate. Drill three holes for the the attachment of the slider holders in them and put t-nuts into them. Squeeze the t-nuts into the wood block so that they will be as flush with your base plate as possible. Put another two holes into the blocks and some t-nuts into them from the other side. Those will be used to attach the block to the base plate. Drill the corresponding holes into the base plate and countersink them. You should also drill your spacer plates and slider holder with the drill rig so that the holes fit all. It's almost impossible to do without a drill rig. I tried and I failed! Screw the block to the base plate. Afterwards you can remount your shoes to the base plate.

Prepare the slider holder by putting t-nuts for the slide bars into them. I used skateboard rails cut into two. The skateboard rails came with a set of t-nuts and bolts and are attached to the slider holder in the same way as to a skateboard.

Remember, the slider holder and the spacer plates had to be drilled together with the holding block. The screws which attach the slider holder to the holding block go through the slider holder and the spacer plates and through the holding blocks until the reach the t-nuts in the holding block. You also have to countersink the holes in the slider holder. Now you can choose spacer plates which give you your preferred height for the slider holder (you can even change this very easily inside of a minute, without having to detach the shoe from the base plate!) and attach the slider holder to the holding block.


This page was written by Bernhard Scheffold.

Many thanks to Bernd Vonau from Ateliervonau and Tor8 for supporting me with his tool shack, especially the drill rig and the professioal woodcraft tools.

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