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Trading Card is done!
Noo, that's not Joe's real name..haha
... just used the pic for the sample cuz its rad!

My thoughts for having these cards made and available developed from purely selfish needs.
People ask about rollerskating and I wanted to have a way for them to research it further on their own.
A picture card loaded with info, most importantly, with links to videos, tutorials, how-tos, events, etc.
The idea is to get more people interested in and trying rollerskating, esp in skateparks.
It's a way to spread to the fun, open communication and add more rollerskaters to the mix.
For me, I just wanted to have a way to give out info to those who inquire.

I will print and publish only what you are comfortable with. There is no pressure to participate. Everything is optional, personal and customized to suit your wishes. Of course, I need permission for use of any photos. This is not for profit and purely voluntary. I need to look into printing costs and quantities. Open to suggestions/ideas.
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