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Jay (videos by Jay) (pictures by Jay)
I've learned half-ass laybacks. : - ) Thank You, Irene!!!
Hey Kids.
I'm probably doing 'em wrong......I'm DEFINITELY doing 'em different than my side-surfing friends. i.e. Irene, Duke & Lee. But Irene saw me doing these before we went to SD & she said they were legit laybacks.
I'm pretty stoked on this as I can't remember last time I've learned a new trick. I've also gotta give Irene Props here. She got me doing these, basically outta nowhere....or a good old-fashioned Parallel vs. Side-Surf debate. LOL! We were looking at my wall of Honor, in my guest room, at all the existing vert trading cards. We were looking at Brother Duke's back of version 1 card at his layback ( MUCH different & BETTER than mine!)& it got us talking.
Next thing you know I'm trying 'em @ Area 702's vert ramp. After feeling a couple out for the fall I actually committed to trying one for real. I landed the 2nd or 3rd one I really tried. But we didn't film it.
So I went back tonight for 'Old Dude's Night' & got 2 on film.

And in a bit more of a run from an angle I like a little better.

I'm pretty happy with the whole 'new trick' aspect of it, but I welcome all comments/criticisms. As usual.

On a completely unrelated item to Robert:
Sorry if I've ruffled any Feathers over @ OMA....especially if said ruffling somehow reflects on you. I'm pretty Belligerent about RollerSkating & don't really care who knows it. But I wouldn't want to take any Shit due to my rantings. Also the captcha on this is " skiffing robert" I don't really know what that might mean. (When I was a kid in Mich we called getting dragged by car's bumpers thru the snow 'skiffing') I hope I didn't Skiff you on OMA, Rob! LOL! I really wanna hear if you, as a Parallel-er, think I'm actually doing a layback too, Bro. Thanks.
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