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I've learned half-ass laybacks. : - ) Thank You, Irene!!!
Jay, you are doing great! Don't worry about me getting in any trouble at OMA. I cause some, but they know me and I have been there for three years. Your layback airs are looking great. I will make it my mission to get mine back and show you how they might be done. I am not an expert, but it was a trick that I could do all of the time and was quite good at it. I will get that trick back and get some video of me doing it. In return, I will watch all of your videos and try to learn disasters on vert walls. You kill it bro. Thanks for being such a great inspiration.
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  • Jay: I've learned half-ass laybacks. : - ) Thank You, Irene!!! (18. Nov. 2009 07:07)
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