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Re:Skating in Canada
Hi Lisa,

We're not so lucky here in Ontario. The snow has finally come. I can't complain too much. I got to skate outdoors up until December 19 this year, 3 weeks longer than last year.
I'm 43 and have been skating since I was 20, kind of a late start. I wouldn't skate without stoppers now since it has become a natural reaction to me to stop with my toes. On the rare ocassion I go ice skating I have to remember to stop with my foot, not my toes (crash).

I too use a lot of recycled parts. Luckily this christmas my buddy Freddy B in North Carolina sent me 3 sets of stoppers, along with a set of wheels and bearings. They should keep me going for a while.

Regarding your parts collection, why don't you take an inventory of it, take a picture and post an ad on e-bay. I'm sure somebody out there would want it.

RollerSkater Dave
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