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I am not alone!
Hi Lisa,

only two days ago, I started this forum and already it find other vertical rollerskaters. I'm really stoked!

: People look at me like I'm a freak because they have never seen anyone riding rollerskates in a half pipe.

People looked amazed when I tried inlines in a ramp ten years ago. But the inline stuff just wasn't up to vert skating in those days and so I sticked to roller skates.

: I live in Vancouver, Canada and there just isnt anyone else in town that does this.

There are very few roller skaters in America. Before the inline boom, there was a very active vertical roller skater scene in Europe. But the interest in roller skating seems to be on the rise again.

: I am very happy to find out that there are others as crazy as me.

Yeah. You have to be determined. But it is great fun!

: I have a pair of used Bauer Oak Street skates with old Independent trucks that I scored off a friend.

I just had to go down do the cellar to fetch my old Bauer skates (I attach a photo of them). It's a long time since I used them, but there are still a lot of memories attached to them.

: I will try to get some shots of me skating to add to your collection.

I can't wait to see them.
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