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claudine (videos by claudine) (pictures by claudine)
ludi@the ring
: : : : : Heres a little bit of Ludi tearing up the Ring.
: : : :
: : : : Ludi is a power house! Thanks for sharing. I fixed up the forum to deal with the way you posted this. I hop everything else continues working as usual. ;-)
: : :
: : : Thanx MrB I'm still not %100 sure on the correct way to post pics and vids but you always make it right and we all appreciate it much.
: :
: : Ah, the state of affairs is as follows:
: :
: : Pics are posted to the forum via the image field below the text entry box. You use the button right to this field to navigate to the image file on your hard disk. It has to smaller than 100 KB to be accepted by the forum. Pics posted in this way will also show up in the image browser.
: :
: : There is also the possibility to embed pics from a foreign we site with the IMG tag. They will go away, however, when the foreign web site ceases to exist or deletes the image or whatever. They also aren't currently shown in th image browser,
: :
: : Videos from Youtube can simply be posted by putting the URL in the message (the embedding code supplied by Youtube works as well). Youtube videos are cuurently the only ones indexed in the video browser.
: :
: : Videos hosted on other sites than Youtube can also be embedded, but they currently aren't shown in the video browser.
: :
: : I hope I have cleared up the messy situation a bit. As you see, things aren't perfect, but sometimes I'm working on it.
: thanks joe, and thanks to you too mr b . i feel like part of the extended family that you have facilitated. all warm and fuzzy .
: i am extremely concerned about our favourite go for it girls health however.
: for christs sake get yourself checked out beanie, we dont get 2nd chances at our age.
: you sound as hard headed as me, i really admire your spirit.
: we are fortunate down here to have a good public health system, as i found out when things went pear shaped for me.
: it seems to me that in the usa, if you dont have money, you dont get seen to . that idea has hairs on it. thats what we pay taxes for. anyway ill get off my soapbox now.
: i hope you have a speedy and full recovery and resume sk8ting a s a p.
: chin up , you should be right cruising the longboard .
: keep us posted , cheers harry .
I cant say now I'm proud to be american. I am lower income but seem to be just above the cusp that I get crapped on now. I have a social worker too but no phone to use during the day and she wont help me check out what I MIGHT be able to get since I should do it myself. Crap, no phone, what can I do? It makes me sick to think about thousand dollars of debt when I am bumming food from my boyfriend now to make ends meet cause of my high rent. Its more then a mortgage for a house now! Thing is, if I need surgery now and get it, miss work, I would lose my apartment. Just started a new job. I love it tho! I think I'll be OK but may not be able to rotate it past a handshake again. I messed around yesterday on the vew do board. It was the most fun I've had in a long time! I can almost do a one arm push up with my left arm and I can use my mouth or right foot for my right arm too. Life is too short to feel sorry for myself. I am going to try to make new wrist guards with my boyfriends pro-designed plastic pieces. I might start to run again soon. I really miss sk8n tho. I wish I werent so terrified of bills. Maybe my body can heal itself or in 3 months or so I can see a dr. Hopefully he can fix it then. Does anyone in Canada want to adopt me lol? It doesnt hurt too bad now, just my hand is rotated funny.
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