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Aggressive skating meets parkour !!
Jesus! that was freekin awsome.He'a mixed that chasing stuff into his skating and opened up a whole new world of posability and style.His skating is very seperated from board and roller skating,the biggest stepup I've seen in inlining.I never realy went for the whole gymnastic vert inline thing,much respect for the ability and comitment but it bored me quickly.My 2 bobs worth.

cheers joe

: You gotta see this to believe it! I know it isn't quads, but it is still inspiring!!
: Mathieu ledoux
: Task TV: Mathieu Ledoux remix edit
: (watch the back flip at 1:11)
: Mathieu Ledoux- 3 hours session for 3 minutes edit-
: (this one is just free running)
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