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claudine (videos by claudine) (pictures by claudine)
Aggressive skating meets parkour !!
: : And barrow skaters,one wheelers rip,just ask Claudine.
: Yep, I especially liked the barrow picture, I just can't imagine how you do it!

Yep, I do it all, one wheel, 2 wheels, 4 or 8 wheels. I love it all lol! May not be best, but I think I qualify as most overall. Honestly, uni is not that much different at times then rollerskating. Mounting is like a more extreme form of dropping in, slam your face to the asphalt in front of you to get on top lol. I think thats why I enjoy it since rollerskates will always be my fav.

I really get tired of the rivalry amongst them all. Being a rollerskater I seem to be accepted more so. But the rivalry is mostly between the skateboarders and inliners and if I'm classified as a truck skater, I have been attacked as when I'll get REAL skates. Oh well, so far noones asked me wheres my 2nd wheel lol. I dont care, if its FUN, yep I'm IN!!!! Its been awhile since I've been attacked. Maybe since they see I dabble in all, I'm accepting and wont bash others as this is better then that. Just have fun......
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