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joe90 (videos by joe90) (pictures by joe90)
Aggressive skating meets parkour !!
: : I have been attacked as when I'll get REAL skates.

Get real skates,,get a reak haircut,get a real job,get a life.What there saying is do the standard boring thing that nearly every other sheep is doing or you might get tagged as different.Remember when a skate punk stood out like dogs balls,now every second kid is a ,todays version of a skate punk wearing the uniform,designed,LABELED and sold by big business, so that you dont have to think for youself and ,dare I say ,,make your own and BE yourself.
I dont try too hard to be different and yet I dont fit the bill.A,you dont fit in comment is a feather in my cap and I'll wear it with pride,build my own skates and wear only the labels of bands and skate gear I like and recomend.
Repeat after me,,we are all individuals!
Freedom of choice!!

cheers joe

ps: did I just rant?

: OH!!!!! I HATE THAT!!! (Idiots)
: * biffskater can be heard grumbling off into the distance *
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