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Bernhard (videos by Bernhard) (pictures by Bernhard)
Aggressive skating meets parkour !!
: Nice one MrB.I did'nt know thats where it came from.I always thought quads was an American thing.I've always called it skating,wether I was inlining,longboarding a ditch or doing handbrake cess slides in my car.SKATEboard,rollerSKATE,inline SKATE.It's all about the SKATE.Those who dont get it,,dont need to.

Nice pics, Joe, and very nice statement. Let's SKATE!

Reminds me of inliners and skateboarders quarreling here in Germany about who can call himself a "skater". I always told them the inline skaters would be more entitled to the term than the skateboarders since their device resembles ice skates much more. And I think ice skating is where the term skating comes from? Anyhow, I hope for peaceful co-existence of skateboarders, inliners, snake boarders, BMXers and roller skaters.
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