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Aggressive skating meets parkour !!
: Hmmm....where I am from, "roller skates" always means quads and rarely does it mean inlines.

I think that's the wrong way round. To some, quads means roller skates. Nobody called roller skates quads 30 or even 20 years ago!

: ** I'm VERY proud of my culture! And I love being called a "Quad Skater"! I hate it when people call me an inline skater or worse.....rollerblader!! **

It's also not good to be called an inline skater (not to talk about roller blader), but's it's much easier to refute.

: On this issue, I might have to side with inline skaters. I love that they have taken to the streets! It is a total self expression, like the early days of skateboarders taking to empty swimming pools! But, I've never fully understood why vert is not bigger for inline skaters than it is. I think this is in large part due to their mistreatment by boarders and bikers, after inline skaters paved the way for the X-games. They were the ones to make it happen, and then they were ostracized and discarded by the hipster poser skateboarders who ran things. In disgust, bladers turned away from them and turned to the streets.

I have to agree that street inline skaters have much more of a culture of their own. Probably it's better in other parts of the worlds, but in Germany it's very aggro in a bad sense. They do "Too drunk to skate" contests for example. I don't like that idea.

: I'm glad you did rant. This is an enlightening discussion. I think that there is a different perception here in the U.S., than what you have there.

Could be. But in Germany, there once was a very active vert roller skating scene until about 1990. No one would call roller skates "quads". That started only with the inline hype.
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