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Aggressive skating meets parkour !!
I recon the difference is skating within your ability and being good and skating on the very edge,,thats agresive.Thing is most agresive skaters trade off too much style to achive it.Both rad but diferent.I just dig good style.Once again,,just my opinion.Tony Hawk is super agresive but realy unstylish,,sorry.

cheers joe

: : Funny,I never liked words like agresive or extreme as skate terms.Take Brian Wainwright,Steve Caballero and that dood from the vid you posted,their styles and flow are very smooth and unagresive,,just beautiful to watch.There are many very agresive styles out there(Rollerball,Bob Burnquist)and I luv that too.Seems people want to label everything so they can and divide and control.The crew we skate with here in oz are all just skaters,,some of us just wear different foot ware
: : Skating is skating and like I said earlier,those who dont get it,,dont need too.
: :
: : cheers joe
: ** I don't get it?!
: "...Brian Wainwright,Steve Caballero and that dood...their....very smooth and unagresive"????!!!
: I couldn't disagree more.
: Often, being smooth and talented makes a trick look less aggressive, but that just shows how good they truly are. **
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