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NYC writer's opinion: Olympic Skateboarding?
: I definitely think skateboarding is worthy enough to be an olympic sport. A lot of people would think the skaters were selling out, but I think it would be cool. I think it would be a great way for skaters all over the world to get together and skate with each other. I think it would be really cool to have only non pro skaters. This would give so many skaters the chance to have their travel and expenses paid for to meet up with others from all over the world. I don't think the interest would be there, but I would be into it. If snowboarding can be an olypic sport than skateboarding could be as well. Shit, let's get vertical rollerskating as a sport. There are so few of us that we all could represent our countries and have them pay for us to travel and skate together. I would not care about how I placed, but would love hanging out with you all.
If it goes Olympic, it will be staged like snowboarding...halfpipe, downhill racing (skateboarding luge), mega ramp. The issue will be with street skaters, they will be excluded. Olympic events are very strict, we all know this, but I agree that all disciplines should have their due exposure, so why not. I'd like to see it happen, regardless of how it is represented. I don't think that Olympic snowboarding competitions represent all of snowboarding and it won't for skateboarding either. There are plenty of other venues for ledges and rail sliding. :-)
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