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h.ludi. (pictures by h.ludi.)
: : : : : : : : : : : im a vodka girl. if/when they finally lower my rent i will have to get me some as all these bone healing rules didnt work anyway,
: : : : : : : : : :
: : : : : : : : : : I'm definitely not into vodka. I only reluctantly drank it when in St. Petersburg in 1995 because I didn't know what the Russians would do to me if I didn't.
: : : : : : : : :
: : : : : : : : : i mix it in alot of juice. i dont like the taste of alcohol actually so i have to hide it. i wont drink tajeila tho. i will chuck if i do lol.
: : : : : : : :
: : : : : : : : In Russia, you has a glass of vodka in one hand and a glass oj juice in the other. And to further eliminate the awful taste of the vodka, it had to be cooled to a very low temperature.
: : : : : : :
: : : : : : : well i would be killed in russia for sure! i have no tolerance so that would put me under quick.
: : : : : :
: : : : : : in oz we would call that a 2 pot screamer.
: : : : : : just got back from rolling franga, it felt good to be in the big bowl again, all be it a bit nervous at first.
: : : : : : dont worry, it wont be so long till you feel the curves under your feet again.
: : : : : : best wishes to all, h .
: : : : :
: : : : : will be 6+ more months now (5months already), have to start all over w/ surgery in a month, 2+ months healing, 3+ months to gain SOME mobility back in forearm, wrist and elbow. everything is now frozen and not an ounce of muscle. it will be over a year no sk8n by the time its done. lets just hope round 2 works. still cant run or jump either. my other knee needs surgery but wont happen til arm is healed. i hope i remember how to sk8.
: : : :
: : : : it will and you will. i know that.
: : : : weve been camping + dirtbike riding this w/end.
: : : : rory rode the quad on his own, 1st time, big smiles all round. took sk8ts but neerim sth bowl coping damaged so no roll.
: : : : i go to hospital tomorrow for x ray + all clear [ i hope ] still sore sometimes, guess i should pull back a little.
: : : : good luck, cheers, h .
: : : :
: : : :
: : : sounds like ur back in having fun! enjoy for me. not doing anything now, just passin the days. i guess its time to keep quiet until better times come.
: :
: : better times will come sooner than later, im sure.
: :
: : im not out of the woods yet, x ray revealed left clavical not rejoined properly. go back in 6 weeks and see if its healed fully. if not ill get it plated. worst case scenario would be, have stack and sharp bit pokes out of shoulder. i have been sk8ting accordingly and will try to roll the other way should i need to.
: :
: : you dont strike me as a quiet person. so feel free to keep us up to date. ive never met a lady with a mute mode yet.
: : keep smiling, h .
: :
: wish i could be quiet. i have to fight w/ the insurance company nonstop it seems, fight w/ the housing commissions, fight w/ apt. manager (they were nice tho!), fight w/ social worker, fight w/ drs.. fight w/ nurse to get knee brace paid by insurance since they wont sell braces from europe suddenly since our dollar isnt worth much. but now looks like i will get 3 surgeries at once next month, arm/hip one and my right knee so i can finally have SOME quality of life. i told my dr, in tears today i need either 2 good arms or 2 good legs because im miserable now. i cant do anything PLEASE???? so now he is getting the mri and work w/ arm dr. to do surgeries together. he said my knee will heal 100% so i want to get good knees at least. i told him if i can run and jump again, i will smile again. then the nurse found a discontinued knee brace for me. my rent went down this month. tomorrow i will fight w/ car insurance to get it lowered since im not driving. im sure noone wants to hear my lame battles now w/ all these money hungry people. i just want them to hurry up w/ the surgeries so i can chill a couple weeks then live life again. and then i can get on the free state medical insurance, the day i can bolt, jump off the sidewalk and run down the street crazy happy will be a great day. thats all i want for xmas now. i want to roll by easter please.

hang in there, youll get through all this.
good to see your piping up, remember the squeaky wheel gets the oil. be affirmative not meek.
as frank once said, the meek shall inherit nothing.
most importantly, keep your sense of humour.
cheers, h .
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