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: : : not looking forward to next surgery. if it doesnt heal and they amputate my arm not sure how i can work. i guess i should be happy then, will have to be just a one arm sk8r for a living and my family can get rich when i die off my one arm paintings.
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: : I hope they didn't threaten to amputate your arm?
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: : I believe we all hope very much that your arm finally gets well again!
: i donno at this point. bone in center is gone, its black, it died, was told this by someone else. right now guess insurance delaying 2nd surgery. delaying makes things worse. lots of sharp shooting pains now w/ stimulator so maybe good, maybe not.

Ok, so those bone fragments have been resorbed by your body. My physiotherapist once said that the body resorbs everything it doesn't need, except fat. Probably the gap was too big. The shooting pain could mean that newly grown bone has to displace some flesh. I'm not sure about it but can hardly imagine that the process would be completely pain free.

I hope the insurance company does not further delay. They already did enough damage (well, the first part of the damage was done by you. Like me with my knee injury, I waited too long before I went to see a doctor and then I chose the wrong one at first). Keep on communicating with your doctor and don't stop till you are confident that the necessary steps have been taken.
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