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NYC writer's opinion: Olympic Skateboarding?
: Funny,I've never wanted to dominate my friends,

That's something I value myself very much: The almost complete absence of domination in skating. I can remember one roller skater whom I would describe as someone who wanted to dominate, but I can't say this about the rest. Well, this guy even hindered me physically with his elbow from dropping in while in a practice session! I met noone else like this in roller skating, however. But I heard of quite some guys in inline skating during the peak of the hype who would behave in a similar way. This is another reason why I am afraid of roller skating become a hype thing. I fear this would attract the wrong type of people. Better fewer of us than having the wrong people around.

: rather than "THE BEST SKATER",

Seconded. There is no "BEST SKATER".

: Funily enough MOSS jam 08 had these realy cool trophies made up of steel cut out in the shape of Frankston bowl with MOSS in the centre, mounted on a concrete coping block

Rad piece of hardware! ;-)
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