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h.ludi. (pictures by h.ludi.)
: : : your not on your own there. today we planted our welder workmate at the bone orchard. wayne only made it to 39 1/2. well short changed in my opinion. he had been crook for 12 months and passed away on sunday. i feel sad for his wife and 2 young daughters. well we saw him off properly, i even had some giggle juice. im sure ill cheer up again by the w/end.
: : : i suppose its true what they say, however bad things seem theres always someone worse off.
: : : stay cool, cheers, h .
: :
: :
: : This is a very sad story. And still you manage to have a positive outlook and some encouragement to offer. Thank you for that.

i believe that if youre not + or if you slacken off you could allow yourself to be consumed. dont take anything too seriously.

: hes a super great guy agreed, so where is giggle juice for cheap? stimulator makes aches really bad, i need a brake.

the g/j i had was wild turkey and it give me a headache.
cheap g/j would be cask wine, we call that a box monster
because thats what you turn into if you over do it.
be careful, its a jungle out there.
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