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NYC writer's opinion: Olympic Skateboarding?
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Thanks for the positive comments on my skateboarding essay. Bernard's comment really made my day. I'm so vain that on different google variations of my own name I found this forum.
I think the olympics should be up for debate and there are valid reasons for both sides of the issue. The main technicality I have with it is the standardization. I think people should skate 4 foot ramps, 20 foot ramps, and street. There's so much skating out there, that it shouldn't be put in three or so competitions. Bernard thanks for quoting that paragraph so everyone in the forum could read it. I think that it is an indivdualistic sport. I remember the first time I saw a skateboard and starting a year later in 87' or so.
I noticed another thread on here of injuries. My knee is injured too and all I can think of is skateboarding.
The last thing is I've seen a roller skater at a New York City park and she looks like she is having so much fun and rips. So I have respect for your sport, I'd probably do a split and pull my groin if I attempted rollerskating.
Take care,
Matt Allison
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