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h.ludi. (pictures by h.ludi.)
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: : : Thoughts? Opinions?
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: : This park is Olympic worthy!
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: thats in MD right lol? :-P its definitely claudine worthy!!
: i'll be healed by next year. i read on the internet about bone graft. since it was from a cadaver, my body could have easily rejected it. since i'm allergic/intolerant/sensitive to everything out there, bet you thats why it didnt take. so one more surgery, just get the graft out my own body and bet ya i will heal in 4 weeks!! or so..... but least i'm painting and having fun again w/ that so i will start vert paintings/drawings by next week. my left arm isnt as good but doing ok w/ it so i have to stop feeling sorry for myself.

thats right, you neednt feel that way, from what ive detected so far, id say you are a tough cookie.
keep it positive, good charma will kick in.
cheers, h .
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